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Wrath of the Kitchen King Desserts

December 14th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Well, I’ve been hard at work getting the latest cookbook – Wrath of the Kitchen King – ready for release. I thought I would give you an idea of the contents so far, starting with everybody’s favorite course – desserts. (Well, it’s my husband’s favorite.) I have already perfected recipes for the following desserts:

  • Chocolate Square
  • Dalaran Brownie
  • Dalaran Doughnut
  • Delicious Chocolate Cake
  • Galgar’s Cactus Apple Surprise
  • Ironforge Bread Pudding
  • Murloc Eye Pie
  • Tigule & Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream

Murloc Eye Pie and Ironforge Bread Pudding are two exclusive Tauren Chef recipes and are already available for free! Yipee! You can find Ironforge Bread Pudding right here on this site.   Murloc Eye Pie is available in the free pdf that will give you a taste of the cookbook to come.

Chocolate Square is smooth, chocolately, and very easy to make as I’m sure you will be glad to know. This is an Apprentice level dessert that beginners can make with no problems.

Dalaran Brownie is also very easy to make, sort of Journeyman level dessert. You probably won’t even make a great mess of the kitchen, which your housemates will be happy about. You will fill the house with the delicious scents of baking chocolate stuff, and your housemates will probably forgive any mess because of this. Oh, and you will have to share the brownies.

The Dalaran Doughnut is a Master level recipe as it combines aspects of bread making with deep frying. It is quite delicious and allows you to try a variety of flavored glazes and sprinkles. Yumm! Homemade doughnuts!

Delicious Chocolate Cake is just like the name says: delicious and chocolate. This recipe makes a rich, very moist cake with all the right WoW ingredients. It is an Artisan level recipe, but well worth making from scratch. You won’t get this cake from a box mix!

I’ll bet you didn’t know that Galgar’s Cactus Apple Surprise is a dessert. Well, it is, and a very cool and refreshing one at that.I would classify this as a Journeyman recipe, possibly bordering on Expert.

Ironforge Bread Pudding is great on a cold winter night (and it’s also good first thing in the morning!) Journeyman level.

Murloc Eye Pie is a very different kind of pie. Think of a pie . . . filled with murloc eyes . . . sound good? Well, it really is. You just have to use really sweet, fresh murloc eyes. Make one and dare your friends to try it! This is classified as an Artisan level recipe due to the pie crust. But it could be Journeyman level if you buy a ready made crust. The filling is fairly simple to put together.

Tigule & Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream is rich, creamy, and very strawberry. Yum! I love homemade ice cream. This is a Journeyman, bordering on Expert level recipe. Here’s a picture:

Tigule & Forors Strawberry Ice Cream

Tigule & Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream

I’m still trying to decide on whether the Burning Soufflé will be a dessert (Chocolate Soufflé or Grand Marnier Soufflé) or a main course soufflé (cheese soufflé, vegetable or seafood soufflé.) Any requests?

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